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How Pick and Pull Junkyards Save You Money

When you want to fix your vehicle but you know the cost in repairs and labor can be astronomically high, you go to a junkyard to ‘pick and pull’ your parts. The junkyard representative will point you in the direction of the part you want but you are required to pull the part yourself. They sell each part at decent prices, depending on the vehicle. With the right instruction and good knowledge of automachanics, this can be a worthy investment. Here are some ways that pick and pull junkyards save you money.


Be Prepared

You’re not going to show up at a junkyard expecting them to lend you tools. So be sure you have the correct tools on hand to pull correctly. And expect to pay an entrance fee, too. This helps keeps their business alive and provides you a cost-effective way to fix your vehicle. So what will you need to pull the part? Depending on the type of car and part you need, the following items will help you get your part:


Portable Drill


Tear resistant gloves

Pry bars


Dolly, trailer, straps

This is a general list of items you need when preparing to pick and pull. Keep in mind that most employees may not be around to offer assistance so you need to know the part you’re looking for as well as the condition it’s in. Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s the best part.

Not All Junk

A junkyard isn’t a landfill for old parts. In fact, they receive a plethora of parts from new and used cars everywhere. They are constantly replenishing stock, daily. When they run out of parts, they order to restock. 80 percent of a car can be recycled.

They’re Good for the Environment

How does this save you money? If you live in an area where the estate tax is high, the junkyard will use a large amount of space to house the inexpensive parts and then reorder them when needed. It may look like a big mess, but they keep the scraps out of the landfills which is a big help to the environment.

Selling Your Used Car – For Parts!

And when it’s time to turn in your vehicle, you can receive cash for auto salvage, gaining some of the cost from the repairs you put into your vehicle. It’s a win win. When you’re looking for cash for junk cars in Boulder, you need a company that will give an honest trade for your vehicle.

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