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5 Signs that Your Car is Salvage Ready

So you’ve had your car for many years. Maybe it was a hand-me-down from a relative or perhaps it was your first ‘out of highschool’ beater. While memories can last a lifetime, your vehicle can’t. Perhaps it’s time to get cash for auto salvage and put it towards a newer vehicle.


The Repairs are Costly

Does it seems like the repairs on your vehicle are needed one after another? Each week or month it seems as though you’re putting more and more time and money into your car. That’s because you are! Broken windows/doors, locks that won’t work, weak brakes, and seats that no longer recline/function are a good signs it’s ready to junk. With all of these costly repairs you can save for a newer, functional vehicle.

Title is Missing

If you’ve inherited a vehicle with no title, it’s illegal to sell it. And obtaining proper vehicle documentation can be costly. This process can take more time and money than your vehicle is worth.

Destroyed by Rust

Flood-damaged vehicles are susceptible to rust and difficult to recover. Or maybe you’ve recently purchased a vehicle not knowing it was damaged by flooding. The price of the vehicle should be a good indicator and if the owner isn’t honest, you may have just sold yourself short. If your vehicle has been hit with a major storm that accumulated excess water, chances are it’s too late to fix the details and needs to be salvaged.

Check Engine Light Won’t Go Off

Your check engine light alerts you when something’s amiss. You find out the problem, fix it, and it’s gone. However, if you find that all the necessary repairs have been completed and the check engine light is still on, it may be time to scrap. You may be able to get top cash for auto salvage if you turn it in right away.

It’s Becoming Unsafe

Lastly, your car should offer the essentials to keep your family safe and protected as much as possible. Over time, seatbelts, brakes, airbags, and other necessary functional elements wear out if not kept up to standards. Even something as minor as the worn or broken seatbelts is an unsafe feature in your vehicle. If you have gone for a long period of time without changing brakes, rotating the tires, of getting an oil change, chances are, it’s a safety hazard and shouldn’t be on the road.

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