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When should you get a brake inspection?

The brake system is at the top of the priority list when it comes to vehicle safety. We often tend to ignore these signs throughout the year considering them only as minor flaws that can be managed.

With the brake safety month approaching in August, it is time we get acquainted with the 7 signs that indicate the high time to get a brake inspection to remind ourselves of all the safety we ignore throughout the year. Proper working brakes are necessary for a safe driving experience for you and the passengers travelling with you.

There are 7 signs listed by the Car Care Council as to when your brakes need an inspection. All of these signs are important to remind anyone of how important it is to ensure safe driving and maintenance of your vehicle.

The 7 signs that motorists need to take care of, to get their brakes inspected are:

Pulling- The vehicles tend to be pulled to one side while braking. This is a clear-cut sign that your vehicle needs to be inspected.

Noise- You will hear screeching, clicking and grinding noises whenever pressure to the brakes are applied.

Low Pedal: Your brake pedal will be touching the floor.

Light: The vehicle’s dashboard will be illuminated by the brake light. This is the most obvious sign and you should immediately take your vehicle for servicing.

Vibration: The brake pedals start vibrating even under the normal braking conditions. This is a sign of wear.

Hard Pedal: A lot of pressure has to be applied to the brakes before it even reacts.

Grabbing: The slightest touch of the pedals grabs the brakes. A vehicle responding to such a light pressure is a definite indicator. The car slows down at a very low pressure which it didn’t before.

All of these are the signs that the brakes are required to be repaired. There is no clear-cut sign that tells when is the right time to replace the brakes. These are just the helping signs that indicate you the time for a brake repair. For vehicles that are way too old, you can sell your junk car for cash.

Get your brakes checked at least once a year. Acknowledging the key warning signs keeps you aware of when your brakes need repair. This goes a long way to keeping you safe on the road. The Car Care Council website states the brakes as the most critical safety system for a vehicle. Heavy use of the brakes during driving finally results in its wear. It all depends on the driving habits, the quality of brakes, the operating conditions and also the vehicle type. Do you want to drive to the point where the brakes in your vehicle are completely worn down? Brakes keep you safe in a variety of circumstances during your driving keeping everyone in the car safe.

Additionally, the Car Care Council also offers personalized email reminders to ensure that the drivers do not forget to get their vehicles checked. This is done in accordance with the last time one got their brakes inspected. Taking appropriate measures at the right time will result in fewer hassles down the road. The burden on the drivers is also lessened if one goes for more frequent inspections. It also results in reducing, major problems in the future.

The brake wears causes:

Taking roads with a lot of hills and sharp turns.

Driving in heavy traffic by applying frequent brakes.

Using cheap brake system components.

Riding the brakes.

Most of the vehicles should have their tires rotated at least every 6 months. This is also a good time to have the brakes inspected along with the tires. The cost of a brake repair is much less than the cost of failing to apply the brakes when needed.

I have come across a lot of people who have been fed up of their old cars. Among the lot many, some of them took the sensible decision of upgrading their cars to a newer version and selling their old scrap car for a good amount of cash.

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